Zoom Chameleon - Seasonal Espresso

Chameleon - Seasonal Espresso



🍫 Milk Chocolate 🥛 🍓 Strawberries & Cream

💦 Washed 

Designed to excite, intrigue and surprise you, our seasonal espresso ‘Chameleon’ is for those who want to get funky. All coffees we use within Chameleon will be some of the highest quality, and more importantly, completely eccentric, outlandish and a complete flavour bomb! These may not be enjoyed by all, however for some, this is the type of coffee you’ve always been looking for, yet haven’t been able to find! Read more about the current coffee below 👇

Munchique los Tigres reserve is located in the central mountain range of Cauca. Situated at a range of 1500 to 1900masl, this coffee is produced by the Cencoic co-operative, an organisation our importer D R Wakefield have worked with since 2008. After years of armed conflict in the region, recent times have given way to a more stable and peaceful time allowing Cencoic to flourish. Many of the members are ex combatants too.

This coffee is a beautiful example of the high quality lots Colombia is famed for producing, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Chameleon - Seasonal Espresso



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