V60 Brew Guide

Hario’s V60 is a great brewer. We recommend it so much because of:

  • Incredible clean cups of coffee (thanks to the filter) 
  • Brewer’s and filters are great value 
  • Available in 3 sizes to brew up to 6 cups 


We tested lots of recipes online and found we got the best results with the one linked below 👇. It’s simple to follow and made consistent great tasting coffee. 

🔥 For our coffee beans we recommend a brew temperature of 95c 🔥

You will need: 

This recipe is by Lance Hedrick a coffee youtuber. We’ve skipped ahead to 3:17 mark where he gets into specifics about the brew.

We liked this one because it was designed with home brewers in mind, not barista world champions. And it gave us great results we could repeat again and again. 

 Last little tips: 

  • Only change one variable at a time (grind size or coffee-to-water ratio). To assess the effect of each change on your V60 brew
  • If your brew is slow and won't drain make the grind courser until it starts to flow through.
  • If you don't have a high end grinder try using a lower water to coffee ratio (more coffee to water). This is because lower-end grinders make a less even grind and can't do super high extractions and still taste good