Aeropress Brew Guide

The AeroPress is great one cup brewer. It's an immersion brewer which means getting great coffee out of it is really easy. If you've struggled with brewing V60's in the past you'll probably love the AeroPress. 

We've linked below our favourite brew guide on YouTube. Here's a few Aeropress facts: 

  • Max brew size is about 230ml (AeroPress XL is also now out)
  • Brew time about 2 mins 
  • Makes very smooth and clean tasting coffee 

Here's the recipe we recommend 👇. If your using our coffee beans use water at 95C (wait 1-2 mins after fully boiling) 

 Last little tips:

  • If you run low on filter papers you can rinse and re-use them a few times
  • There's a reusable metal filter for AeroPress. But it won't make coffee that tastes as clean 
  • If you don't have a high end grinder try using a lower water to coffee ratio (more coffee to water). This is because lower-end grinders make a less even grind and can't do super high extractions and still taste good 

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